Monday, 11 June 2012

Top 5 MS Power Point Tips

A lot of  readers asking to blog on tips that could enhance their computer productivity. Here's a first of a series of posts 

Power point has become so common a tool that every Windows user clicks on MS Power point icon when asked to research, create a presentation, draw a flowchart or even just take notes.

However, there is so much of power under the hood that hardly gets utilized. So here are the top 5 power point tips to upgrade your power point experience

1. Stop Ctrl+C (Copy) and Ctrl+V (Paste). Select an object and do a Ctrl+D (Duplicate). Not only are you reducing the number of key presses, the Duplicate shortcut also aligns every newly duplicated object to create a pattern of equidistant objects

2. Pasted a image and it has an irritating white background?. Relax. You can clear the white background by double-clicking on the image, go to Colors on the menu bar, select "Set Transparent Color" and click anywhere on the white background of the image

3. Do you have a table that does not fit into a single slide? Do not fret. You can divide the table across two slides and use a cool slide transition to let the audience know that the table is continuing over two slides. Select the first slide and Go to Transitions on the menu bar and select "Push" as the transition.

4. Need to fit the letters of a word onto a curve? Type your word. Select the text box. Go to Format on the menu bar. Select Text Effects --> Transform --> Follow Path and the needed layout.

5. You are projecting your slides and you suddenly need the audience to stop looking at the slides and focus on you the speaker. You can press "B" or "W" on the keyboard to produce a Black or White background respectively. This works only in Presentation mode.

So there you go. You should return to your workstation feeling a lot more energised :-)

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