Sunday, 24 February 2013

Update 6 to Meghdoot7

Click here to download Update6 to Meghdoot 7


The following modifications necessitated the release of this update:
International Financial Service Money Order (IFS Money Order) Service has been introduced by the Department.  This service uses the Inland eMO network for its transmission and accounting. 
Two new service types are introduced by CRA, unfreezing the frozen PRAN for tier I and tier II  through FNo.3-16/09 Costing(P) Part II dated 5-10-2012 from Financial Services Division, Directorate.  Provision for doing unfreezing of tier 1 and tier 2 has been provided. Once the customer select the service type and enter the tier1/tier2 amount the total amount including the commission and service tax and education cess will be calculated and displayed.

Booking of EMS articles to  South Africa have been introduced.

Issues reported in mode of transmission of WNX transactions are addressed.
Update-4 to Meghdoot 7.0 and also available in ftp site at url

The Offices which have not so far upgraded to Update-5 (NREG) released on 28.12.2012 can directly upgrade to Update-6 and such offices need not upgrade to Update-5(NREG)
Contents :
Update-6 to Meghdoot 7.0 contains the following applications:

1    Point of Sale       
2    Postman      
3    eMO      
4    ePayment      
5    Treasury   

Upgradation Procedure

Point of Sale:
Replace the existing PointOfSale.exe with the new PointOfSale.exe in Point Of Sale Client installation path.
Copy the WNX.DLL to the Point Of Sale Client installation path and register the dll.
Copy the eBillHOLib.dll to the Point Of Sale Client installation path and register the dll.

Replace the existing Postman.exe with the new Postman.exe in Postman installation path.
Copy the eMODelivery.dll and eVPDelivery.dll to the Postman installation path and register the dll files.
Run Postman04122012.exl file using script tool

Replace existing emo.exe and emoclient.exe available in eMO installation path  with the new ones provided
Copy IFSUrgent.dll to eMO client installation path
Run emoVer7Update5.exl   using the Script Tool
Run emoOffices.exl and emoPincodes.exl using the Script Tool

Run Ecounter_NPSUnfreeze.exl   and eCounter05122012.exl files using the Script Tool

Replace existing treasurer.exe available in Treasurer installation path  with the new one provided
Run Treasury04122012.exl   using the Script Tool

New Features
All modules except Point of Sale contains the modifications relating to IFS Inward Money Order Services.  Please go through the IFS Readme which contains the detailed options provided for IFS modifications.

Point of Sale modifications:

Provision for unfreezing the frozen PRAN for Tier 1 and Tier 2 through ePayment.
Provision for booking EMS articles to South Africa
Rectified the issue related to the duplication of AWBNumbers and PieceId.
Rectified the error in volumetric weight calculation for WNX transactions
Rectified the ‘Overflow error’ while doing WNX transactions
Rectified the issue related to rounding off the Weight.
Rounding off  Service Tax and Education Cess as per the revised rules for WNX transactions.

Operational Procedure  -  WNX
Only offices identified as WNX Booking Centres need to follow the following procedure (Offices already doing WNX transactions need not follow the bellow mentioned procedure).     The prerequisites for doing WNX Transactions, Adobe Reader 9.0 and JD 1.6 are bundled with this update.

Install the prerequisites, Adobe Reader 9.0 and JDK 1.6.
Copy the ClientSoftware folder (available with Update 3) to the C drive of each client system and share the folder.
Copy the WNXMasterdata folder(available with Update 3) to any of the drives in the server.
Select the option ‘WNX Configuration’ through Supervisor--> Configure option and click on ‘Update Service’.(This need to be done from the Server machine)
After clicking on Update service, Select the browse button and browse to the WNXMasterData folder.
A message “WNXMaster updation is in progress…” will appear. Click on OK button and wait for the completion of master data updation.
Airway bill configuration need to be done through Supervisor --> Configure --> WNX Configuration --> AirwayBill
Configuration need to be done with the Airway bill series and Piece Id Series applicable to each office.
Select the option 'World Net Express' through Operator --> ForeignMail -->Airmail for doing WNX Transactions.

NREG modifications in eMO Client application

Upgradation procedure for NREG in c/w eMO Client
Ensure that your emo database is already upgraded with version 7 update 3. In offices having Sanchay post latest version installed and NREGAEMO database is available, please upgrade the same with NREGAEMO script provided.
Stop eMO client exe if running. Replace existing eMOclient.exe available in eMO client installation path with new eMO client exe provided in upgradation.
For the first time, when you run new eMO client exe, it will prompt to enter Sanchay post server details as below.

Enter Sanchay post server name if Sanchay Post server is available in that office else select not available and click on OK.

Your system will now be ready for receipt of Sanchay post related files through eMO client from central server if server details were provided.

For adding Sanchay post codes, option is available in Divisional administrator web login of eMO. Reports regarding NREG are available under Reports menu.

Please select the eMO Office Name and update Sanchay post code used for that PO.

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